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Australian retail and shopping news plus reviews of online shopping options for Australians

Australian retailers are banding together to offer 24 hours of online shopping mayhem in the lead up to Christmas. Next Tuesday 20th November from 7pm onwards a number of iconic Australian retailers will offer discounts up to 90 per cent off their online prices and you can find it all in the one place. 

Dubbed 'Click Frenzy', the Australian version of the US 'Cyber Monday' sales, this big online sale turns the online space into a giant shopping centre with everything on sale. It’s a fresh attack on the online space by Australian retailers, many of whom are already creating parallel online versions of their bricks-and-mortar stores. I imagine there will be a number of online-only stores participating too (Kogan and The Iconic are among them) so it’s interesting to see that it’s not a case of bricks-and-mortar attacking online only stores, they’re all banding together for the interweb’s version of the Boxing Day sales.

Click Frenzy

Doesn’t that frenzy of arrows just make you want to start buying discount toasters and ponchos?!

When I used to work in retail, we had one outlet store in Victoria which sold on the floor as well as servicing all of the online orders from the Sale section (picking, packing, posting). I notice they’re involved in this year’s Click Frenzy as well - I don’t know how they’re going to cope!

150 retailers are participating, including:

- Myer
- Target
- Westfield
- Dick Smith
- Kogan
- Saba
- Sportscraft
- Jeanswest
- The Iconic
- StyleTread
- Booktopia
- Dan Murphy’s

Sale starts at 7:00pm EST Tuesday 20th November. Visit - if you go there now you can register and be reminded about the sale.

Books and retail are two industries going through a big state of flux, so I thought I’d share with you an article by bookshop owner and Australian journalist Corrie Perkin about supporting your local shops:

Interesting to note that she doesn’t harp on about ebooks destroying the paper book industry - it’s also all of the elements of being in a bookstore and the extra things they can sell (music, magazines, pens and moleskin notebooks) that are hit too.

Review of Footlocker US online purchasing process for Australians and residents outside the US.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that an amateur athlete in possession of a skerrick of sporting interest* must be in want of compression tights. When paired with sneakers (preferably Nike free running ones) suddenly leggings CAN be worn with pants (preferably Skins). Suddenly, gym clothes CAN be worn to eating establishments and shopping centres. Suddenly you are SPORTY and GOOD LOOKING and SUPER FIT.

And so it goes that when you first starting playing a new sport, you’ve got to kit yourself out in the newest gear so that you can look SPORTY and CAPABLE and THE NEXT LE BRON/MESSI/that Dutch guy that kept beating Ian Thorpe a few years ago.

You Are The Face of Soccer, pretty much.

The Ultimate Sporting Daywear

Nike has released the ultimate shoes for people wanting to combine sportswear with daywear - the Nike Street Gato indoor/outside soccer shoes (no cleats). Designed to be worn on those occasions when you’re walking your dog and Napoleon Dynamite-style someone throws a soccer ball at your head or when you’re playing street soccer in Brazil, New York, Toyko or the Coles carpark. Allows you to respond with a swift high kick (illegal in some leagues but never in WWF-style unreferreed street soccer) with the shoe’s superior grip and thicker sole.

Mistakenly believed I could buy these online from Footlocker AU website with free until the site offered pick up from your nearest store and my nearest store was in Ohio ( and are only two letters apart!) Try the US website instead.

Product purchased in review: Nike Street Gato men’s soccer shoe.

The whole process is smooth and familiar, you can read reviews and zoom in, then select your shoe and size and head to the checkout where you enter your address details and pay with credit card or PayPal. Large range of colours and sizes, particularly for a shoe that debuted a few years ago but be wary that some colours merit different prices. Sizing guide available and helpful sizing tips (order a half size up).

Service - excellent and immediate (within US business hours) response. You’ll receive about 10 emails by the time your order reaches your home. I queried whether they had my state (as it won’t be listed in your order confirmation) as Australia does have states, though less than the US. They emailed back to say that using their telepathic powers they had worked out which state to send my shoes to (or something along those lines with the words “already in” and “system”).

Shipping - Estimate was 7-10 days, I received mine within 2 days of ordering. $40 US for international shipping, which is steep but worth it for access to a larger range of shoes than available here. Tracking provided and you’ll receive 9 emails to tell you exactly where your future sporting career is headed (disguised in the form of shoes).

Packaging - box was damaged, but it was wrapped in a waterproof postal bag.

Delivery - unsecure (package left at my front door, although this was also indicated to me in another tracking email). 

Overall - You Are The Face of Soccer So You Deserve The Best. Because you’re worth it! Fast shipping, great customer service, good range and all items have pictures.

Reviewed by Sally Giam

* This includes watching sports on TV, walking the dog and pushing a 4WD pram.